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Discover the 5 things that every parent of a child with a neurodevelopmental or behavioral disorder needs to know to improve their quality of life, health and function. 

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  • Informative

    “It was very informative and quite frankly I left with a feeling of hope and resolution to have the ability to help my child become the successful man I hope he grows up to be.”

    Lucy P.
  • Educational

    “The workshop was very educational and provided a lot of practical information. It’s really nice that you share your slides & sources too. It is clear that you truly care and value people and their questions/comments.”

    Liz G.
  • Good Overview

    “Good organized overview of the range of impacts that can lead to neurodevelopmental problems. Good balance of personal experience and scientific data.”

    Jackie K.

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We are dedicated to empowering families to improve the quality of their lives and experience their optimal health, well-being and potential through our community outreach programs.

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Our doctors are focused on helping children of all ages and have specialized knowledge in providing care to those with neurodevelopmental disorders and behavioral issues.

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